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A course destined to Brazilian Zouk dancers looking forward a deep understanding of B&R methodology and develop new techniques and body awareness.  

  • How does it work?

The course is divided in 3 (three) levels, where each level has 25 (twenty-five) hours classes followed by at least 5 (five) hours assisted practice for maximum 40 (forty) people. The levels must be concluded between 5 (five) and 7 (seven) days. And to proceed to the next level the student must be conclude the previous level. 
The online version is only available on level 1 as we offer a lot of individual work to develop better your technique before to apply with your partner.


  • Who is it for? 

The course is aimed at people who seek to develop their experience in dance and practice new techniques, understanding safe ways to move, opened to  absorb the concepts used by B&R. 

Followers: A deep understanding of the foundations from the most simple movements until the most advanced.

Leaders: We believe that to be a good leader is extremely important to understand the followers structure, for this reason the Level 1 movements are very followers focused even for leaders attending.


  • Conclusion:

After reach each level, the student will receive a certificate and will be able to attend the next one. After Level 3 (three) the student is considered a Trainer and become eligible to attend the B&R Improvement Course - For Teachers.

Study and Practice
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