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In 2012, they met each other when Raiza started her journey and knowledge in the Brazilian Zouk and Bruno was her teacher sharing the ideas and his experiences in that time. Together they started the development and updating of the contents, combining the knowledge of Classical Ballet adapted to social dance. In 2018 they decided to start a partnership, mixing influences from diferent dance styles and seeking to format a solid teaching structure to enable not only dancers but also teachers who can spread the methodology created. Today there went to more than 20 countries where they left their mark with shows, classes, choreography and professionals training. Both loves dance but mainly love people, aim to offer a little attention to human beings, a better quality of life and an appreciation of the present time.


Known worldwide, his videos on internet have great prestige, sometimes more than millions of views. He showed to the world his dance and talent. Until now he has passed through more than 30 countries, in the four corners of the globe, shared his love in the biggest world events. Always offering the best of himself and seeking to take everyone a little of the Brazilian dance, he was surprised by the affection and learning that he obtained through the different cultures that he had contact, with a great professional and personal growth.

His dedication is based on solid contribution to the growth of being, narrowing the distance between daily life and pleasure, promoted by art associated with interpersonal contact.

Today he seeks through his experience to spread a technique focused on connection as a tool for the expression of the body.


Classical dancer since she was 3 years old, she developed her passion for dance during a long journey, finding the possibility of applying classic techniques in the lines of social dance..

As a member of the “Foundation of Arts” and “Cia Solum Zouk” expanded her knowledge and worked as a volunteer teacher of Classical Ballet and Jazz for 10 years in the “Associação Solidariedança de Arte e Cultura”, where she also focused on dance as rehabilitation for the disabled, working beside the best Brazilian wheelchair dancers.

In 2020, she has traveled to more than 20 countries, going to the biggest events. She keep believing that dance is for everyone, without differences and showing that we're all capable. Focusing in the well-being, making the social dance even more generous and pleasurable.

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